Steven Potter


{ BIO }

Born in 1985, I grew up in a strict home, surrounded by hard work  and discipline.  As soon as I was able to hold something in my hand,  I have been leaving my mark everywhere.  I studied music and  graphic arts for many years, and am resolved to make a living off my  passions.  In 2012, I obtained my degree in Graphic Design from the  Art Institute of Dallas; and since then, have held several jobs that  focus on my skills involving print and corporate branding.  I enjoy  spending my time drawing and designing new things as well as  painting, photography, photo manipulation, and learning new  techniques to use in my profession.  I am a hard worker who puts  his duties before himself in order to get the job done on time and to  my client's specifications.  I have never missed a deadline and I  intend to keep things that way.